Bungee Fitness


What Is Bungee Fitness?

Bungee fitness is a high-energy workout that originated from the world of aerial arts and acrobatics. It typically involves participants wearing a harness connected to bungee cords suspended from the ceiling. The bungee cords are securely anchored, allowing participants to perform a wide range of dynamic movements, including jumping, spinning, flipping, and dancing while being supported by the cords. The result is a thrilling, gravity-defying experience that’s both fun and physically demanding.

Key Components of Bungee Fitness

  • Bungee Harness: Participants wear a specially designed bungee harness that’s connected to the bungee cords. The harness provides support and allows for a wide range of movements.
  • Bungee Cords: The bungee cords are securely anchored to a stable structure, ensuring the safety of participants during the workout.
  • Dance and Aerobic Movements: Bungee fitness classes incorporate various dance and aerobic moves, such as lunges, squats, jumps, and spins. Participants use the bungee cords to add an extra dimension to these movements, making them more challenging and exciting.
  • Strength Training: Bungee fitness also includes resistance training exercises, like planks, push-ups, and core work, using the bungee cords to create additional resistance.

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Offering this class every Monday at 5 pm and a few random dates as well. Please check the calendar below. Will host private group bungee classes with up to 9 participants as well. Message us for details.

*Please Note: Due to high demand, all sales are final. No refunds.